Natural & Pure

Founded in 2002 in Taiwan, O’right entered the market as a professional hair care brand that develops, produces, and distributes a series of natural, pure and eco-friendly products. The company is committed to being forward thinking and eco-friendly by reducing their carbon emissions and being the first hair care company to be certified as “Carbon Neutral” under PAS2060; using ECOCERT, USDA organic and the most natural ingredients; printing with soy ink on their packaging and utilizing recycled materials wherever possible. Both SGS and RoHS have certified all product packaging as non-toxic.
With the brand vision of “Everything is all right”, O’right devotes itself to develop “Green Products” and dedicate to charity activities for environmental protection to ensure our future generations a sustainable good life.


Truly environmentally friendly products; from materials, ingredients, designs, activities to experiences:

  • Use natural & ECOCERT organic ingredients: Does not cause environmental hormones but leaves an unpolluted environment to aquatic.
  • Use Soy Ink printing: Non-heavy metal, non-toxic, non-irritating smell and non-pollution.
  • Use biodegradable as well as recyclable bottles: Upgraded the recycling stream from Technical Metabolism to Biological Metabolism.
  • Eco-carton with Green Mark: 80% made of recycled paper.
  • Eco product label: Safe and non-toxic sticker with eco printing, which complies with SGS and RoHS standards.
  • Use airbags to protect our goods while shipping: Reusable and recyclable.
  • Barcode systems: Each product is given two barcodes, complete traceability system to ensure quality control.
  • Green Design: Developed 10L, 5L Eco-Packages and 1L refill pack to save 120,000 pcs of 400ml plastic bottle yearly.
  • FREN Eco-Handbag: 100% Polypropylene Fiber, degradable without pollution.

Introducing the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Shampoo that Grows a Tree

The unique award-winning “Tree in a bottle” is solely developed, designed and produced by O’right. This internationally patented 100% PLA (polylactide) shampoo bottle will biodegrade into a high-nutrient fertilizer to nurture seeds in the bottle to grow a tree.

  • 100% Biodegradable Materials: The most eco-friendly materials; made from PLA which are extracted from waste fruits, vegetables and plants.
  • 100% Tree Seeds: First invented to embed seeds in a shampoo bottle. The bottle will biodegrade into CO2 and H2O as nutrients for the seeds.
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