Welcome to A-VINZ PTE LTD

Our Story

Long before the recent resurgence in renewables and global climate change, A-VINZ has been an advocate of sustainable hair products with natural ingredients. We began our hair journey with the sole mission of promoting innovative hair care through natural and organic products. It is our belief that the core essence of quality hair care stems from nature, and through this process, we also learn to care for our earth.

A-VINZ commits to forward thinking and eco-friendly brands which care for the greater environment in order to create a more sustainable world for our future generations.

Our Best Products


Our Nature’s Organic Sense Products choose to use  organic ingredients from certified organic agriculture to bring you a complete range of premium hair care and hair color

Our REVIVRE Products apt in solving scalp imperfections, will take you through a sensory path made of aromas and interior peacefulness.

All formulations are natural, created with great care, and dermatologically tested.

Our NATURALITE Organic Beauty Products are designed to achieve brilliant nuances, intense colours and exceptional results for every individual.

With its innovative naturally derived formula containing certified organic and natural ingredients, NATURALITE protects the hair during colouring and provides full coverage for grey hair in nine shades.